5 Home Maintenance Tasks to Kick Off the Arrival of Spring

With the arrival of spring comes daylight savings time and longer daylight hours. You can take advantage of this time to prepare your home for spring. Here are 6 home maintenance tasks to get you started:

1. Have your cooling system serviced in preparation for hot weather to come. A thorough inspection will help reduce energy bills and ensure your unit is working efficiently come summer.

2. Change appliance filters to include vacuums, furnaces, air purifiers, etc., to reduce energy costs and enjoy cleaner air in your home environment.

3. Test CO and fire alarms to ensure they’re working properly and replace batteries so they are fully charged. Consider updating your alarms if they exceed 10 years of age.  

4. Clean out your medicine chest, disposing of old medications you no longer use or those that are expired.  

5. Drain and flush out your water heater to remove sediment buildup that can hinder it from working properly.

Spring is also a good time to review your homeowners insurance policy and make necessary upgrades. To get a quote on upgraded coverage in Idaho, contact Access First Insurance located in Eagle, ID.