Be Diligent When Hanging Up Holiday Decorations To Prevent Fires

We find ourselves so busy during the holidays. We have to cook the meals, bake the goodies, light the candles and hang up the decorations. Unfortunately, we get so busy that we are sometimes negligent about what we are doing, leading to an increase in accidents that damage property and injures people.

Home fires increase up to 15 percent during the holidays, leading to more homeowner’s insurance claims. People leave candles unattended, place Christmas trees too close to fireplaces or hang artificial lights near flammable drapes. They may try new cooking or decorating tricks that can be dangerous, increasing the chances of their holiday season becoming ruined due to a fire.

The best way to avoid such issues is to always read the warnings on decorations and to use common sense when lighting candles in your home. Slow down during the holiday rush and keep calm as you practice safe decorating and cooking techniques to prevent fire hazards.

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