Easy Activities for the Road: Spring Break Trip Ideas for the Whole Family

Spring break road trips are a great time to get closer as a family! Here are some fun activities for the road to keep your kids entertained and the whole car participating:

Books on CD – forget the hours and hours of movies, encourage your child’s imagination with an audio book. Read-aloud chapter books can be checked out from the library or purchased for your own collection. Books read out loud will allow the driver to be just as engaged in the story as the passengers, keeping everyone awake and entertained.

On the Road Games – Easy-to-play verbal games like “20 Questions,” “I Spy” or “Name That Tune” will keep your family entertained for miles. The best part? They don’t require any pieces, parts or extra packing!

Take Notes – Small vacation journals are a great way to keep your kids entertained, allowing them to develop their skills in observation, writing and storytelling. Give them the journals to begin drawing and writing on in the car – encouraging them to write and draw about what they hope to see at their destination and imagine what awaits them when the car trip is over.

Remember to drive safely through Idaho and follow the rules of the road for a family-fun experience. To get a quote for auto insurance in the Eagle, ID area, contact Access First Insurance today!