Enjoy Your Holidays With A Safe Fireplace

As the weather outside becomes frightful, you can have a delightful crackling fire in your fireplace. Yet before you bring in the Yule log, you want to ensure your fireplace has been cleaned and maintained. Follow these safety tips so that you have a wonderful and warm winter while using your fireplace.

Hire a competent chimney sweep to clean out the stack before use. The chimney sweep will clear out obstructions and built-up creosote that can cause a chimney fire.

After using your fireplace, wait three days before removing the ash so that burning coals have cooled off. Use a metal shovel and deposit the ash into a metal bucket. Never use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the hot ash.

Clean the glass on the fireplace with a mild mixture of dishwashing liquid and water. Wait until the glass has cooled off before trying to clean it. If you are having problems removing the thick black deposits, use a razor blade to lightly scrape it away.

Clean out the firebox at least once a week when you are using it. Shovel out all the ash except for a one-inch layer that acts as insulation so the coals can heat up faster when starting a fire.

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