Many people have insurance to protect their families, homes, cars, and other assets.

But what happens if there is an accident at an important event, like your wedding or birthday party? What if the gifts are damaged, there is a necessary cancellation/postponement, or deposits are lost. Will these be expenses you can afford to cover on top of everything else? An Event Insurance Policy can help protect against losses and accidents for your big occasion.

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We have the ability to write policies for most types of events, and since your important occasion can differ from others, there are different coverages and limits to fit your needs. 


If there is a necessary cancellation or postponement of the event, such as a sudden illness happens or the venue closes down, this coverage can help reimburse for lost deposits.

Lost Deposits

If a vendor fails to provide their service after you have put down a deposit, this coverage can help pay for that lost deposit so you do not have to. 

Call to Duty

If the honoree of the event is suddenly called back to active duty, or has their leave called off, this coverage can help with those expenses you cannot regain due to the postponement. 

Special Attire and Special Jewelry

If you have an honoree that will have special attire or jewelry bought or rented for the event and it is lost or damaged, this can help cover the costs of repair or replacement.

Severe Weather

If severe weather causes postponement of your event, this coverage can help reimburse you for expenses you cannot get back.

Transportation Shutdown

Should something occur that shuts down public transportation, keeping the honoree or family members from making it to the event, this coverage can help cover non-refundable costs due to the postponement. 


You can add this coverage to protect against expenses due to bodily injury or property damage to a third-party at your event.

Liquor Liability

This protects against liability expenses in the event that the bodily injury or property damage is alcohol related.

Event Gifts

If there are gifts on display at your event, this coverage can help reimburse you to repair or replace them if they get damaged during the occasion.

Event Photography and Video

Suppose the photographer has a bad batch of film, loses the photos of the events, or even fails to show up. This coverage can help to reimburse you for the costs of scheduling and taking the photos at another time.

Additional Expenses

If something were to happen that caused you to incur extra costs, such as finding a replacement for a venue or caterer. This can help reimburse for added costs up to a specified limit to guard against cancellation or postponement of your event.

Whether you are planning a wedding, anniversary, or party, it’s important to protect the big occasion. Let us help you take the worry out of insuring your event. We will help find the right coverage and protection for your needs.

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