General Liability Insurance Falls Short in Faulty Workmanship Cases

When you’re working as a contractor, you want to make sure you can provide the best workmanship possible for your clients that leaves you with satisfied customers and hopefully ongoing relationships and referrals for new business. Getting the right insurance policy not only protects you, but gives your clients that piece of mind and confidence that encourages them to lend continued support.

But many contractors are on a budget themselves, and it can be tempting to settle for a general liability policy, and many believe that the coverage in that policy will take care of whatever situation they may have to face, including faulty workmanship.  Unfortunately more often than not a general liability policy falls short, unless the materials themselves are covered under a separate policy. Fortunately with recent improvements to materials and the building markets, getting that extended coverage you need is highly affordable.

Contractors Insurance, like many other types of insurance can be difficult to understand, especially if it’s not something you deal with every day. Sometimes it seems as though insurance providers don’t fully explain the gaps in coverage in a way that is easy for carriers to understand, and too many don’t discover those gaps until it’s too late.

Access First Insurance in Eagle, Idaho is an independent insurance agency that is familiar with a wide variety of both business and personal insurance products from numerous companies. Despite our connections, it’s always our client’s best interest we have in mind, and we take the time to talk to each prospective client about their particular insurance needs in order to provide the information needed to choose the most appropriate policies for their needs. If you’ve been getting by with just basic coverage, you may need more. Contact Access First Insurance today, to get the coverage you really need.