How Long Can My Child Remain On My Health Insurance Policy?

In the past, when children turned 18 or 21, they could no longer be a dependent on their parent’s health insurance plan. In some cases, children could remain covered by their parent’s plan until they graduated college. 

However, with new laws and the Affordable Care Act, a parent is allowed to keep their child on their health insurance policy until they turn 26. This is true even if you do not claim them as a dependent at tax time, the child is married, in school, financially independent, eligible for employer coverage or living on their own. However, this does not mean that parents must keep their adult children on their health insurance by law. It is simply possible if they wish to do so. Keep in mind, if the child is married or has children, their spouse and children cannot be included on the parent’s policy.

It is always recommended that you check with your insurance agent when it comes to keeping your children on your policy. In some cases, it may be beneficial and save money. However, in other cases, it may be better for your child to get their own policy as soon as possible.

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