In an Emergency: How to Shut Down Power and Water

Would you know how to shut off your home’s utilities in the event of an emergency? Fires, earthquakes and natural disasters could all provide a reason to turn off the power and water, while evacuating your home. Here’s a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Plan ahead. Know how to find the shutoff point for your gas, water and electric services.

2. Contact your water, gas and electrical providers to learn the recommended techniques for shutting off each utility. Familiarize yourself with the process for shutting down each utility.

3. Take special caution with natural gas meters. Follow your provider’s instructions carefully. Once you have turned the gas off, you’ll need to have a representative from the gas company turn it back on. Don’t try to do this yourself.

4. Your house likely has several water valves. Most serve one room. The main house valve is the most effective way to shut down water service. Your building may also have a street valve, but that is more difficult to access.

5. Shut off the electrical supply at the circuit box. To avoid sparks and shocks, turn off individual circuits before turning the main circuit.

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