Insuring Your Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts

If received expensive jewelry from your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, probably the last thing on your mind right now is the chance that it could be stolen. However, theft is a very real possibility. One of the most frequent homeowner’s insurance claims is loss of jewelry due to theft. Jewelry is easy for thieves to carry, easy to sell, and will net plenty of cash at a pawn shop.

One thing that many homeowners fail to understand are the limitations of their homeowner’s insurance policy. Some policies have theft reimbursement limits of one to two thousand dollars for jewelry. With a nice engagement ring possibly costing three to five times this amount, it pays to call your agent about your coverage. If necessary, you can buy inexpensive additional insurance so that you can replace your jewelry should it be stolen. Make sure that you have copies of your store receipt, and remember to add the jewelry to your home inventory.

After your friends finish admiring your Valentine’s Day gift, the next call you should make should be to your insurance agent to protect your gorgeous, special token of love.

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