Is Your Life Insurance Too Expensive?

All too often when we look at getting life insurance, we take one look at the cost and are shocked. What you may not realize is that many factors come into play when determining your premium rates and your lifestyle has a lot to do with it. Here are some reasons you may find your life insurance is more expensive than you feel it should be:

Dangerous profession. If you have a dangerous profession such as being a logger, a construction worker hanging big iron or even drive a lot as a part of your job, you may find your life insurance premium is much higher than that for an office worker.

Dangerous hobbies. Also, if you scuba dive, hang glide or even sky dive, you may find your life insurance premiums are significantly higher than someone who collects stamps.

Bad driving record. Statistics show drivers who have moving violations on their driving record take more risks when driving. This also leads to higher insurance rates.

Tobacco and alcohol use. Those who smoke or drink excessively are in a higher risk group as well. 

There are steps you can take to reduce your life insurance premiums through lifestyle changes and working with a great insurance company like Access First Insurance in the Eagle, Idaho area can help. Not only will they be happy to advise you about ways you can reduce your life insurance rates but when you contact them to get a quote, they’ll be happy to help with that as well.