6 Jobs That Could Die Out

Jobs dying out

What do you want to be when you grow up? That has been one of the leading questions in most people’s lives since they were little. With so many career choices out there, it can be a little daunting entering into the job world. However, some jobs are not as stable as others. Make sure to avoid these 6 careers that are in danger of dying out when you are looking for your future career.

  1. Retail salesperson. With the ease of automated service, one salesperson can now do the job of 20 people. The rise of online stores is also helping to contribute to the fall of the retail salesperson position.
  2. Loan officer. With a 98 percent risk of computerization, loan officer positions are dwindling. More and more technology is coming out that is able to analyze applications almost instantly, giving the technology an advantage over people.
  3. Library technician. Library technicians are almost at 100 percent risk of computerization, at just one percent lower at 99 percent. Much of their work can be done through computers and automated catalogs.
  4. Telemarketer. With the rapid growth of call-centers, the number of people that are required to do a telemarketing job is dramatically decreasing.
  5. Dental laboratory technician. With a 97 percent risk of computerization, a dental laboratory technician are quickly being pushed out by new technology. The new technology can come up with faster results, which leads to a quicker turnaround process.
  6. Mathematical technician. New computers are now able to do the work of math technicians, at a much faster rate than people, making the risk of the career to be computerized a high 99 percent.

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