Prepare Your Home For The Fall Season!

That familiar snap in the air means that the fall season is here! As a prudent homeowner in Eagle, Idaho, you know that as the season changes, it’s a good idea to take steps to prepare your home and keep it safe.

Property insurance is only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to keeping your home and family free from harm. You also should be performing regular inspections and making any necessary repairs.

For example, test every smoke and carbon monoxide detector to make sure the equipment is functioning properly and has a fresh battery.

Take a walk around your property and look for problem areas such as a cracked sidewalk or driveway, and arrange for repair service as soon as possible to avoid people becoming injured.

It is also important to prepare your fireplace for the season, especially if you will be using it to help heat your home as the weather grows colder. Clean out old ashes and make sure that the damper is open so smoke can go up the chimney.

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