Ease Your Fear of Flying with these Tips

With all of the recent airline crashes, it can be easy to be a little nervous to fly. While there is actually a very small chance that you will be in a plane crash, it can easily cross your mind while boarding. Keep these simple tips in mind to help give you peace of mind when flying.

  • Avoid the news. Do not read every detail about a recent crash, or watch every news story on the situation. Also avoid any TV shows or movies that deal with plane crashes in the time leading up to your flight.
  • Remember the facts. There are many statistics out there that show that you are much more likely to slip in the bathtub and die than you are to pass in a plane crash. Low estimates show that you have a 1 in 11 million chance of dying in a plane crash, which make flying much safer than driving.
  • Think positively. The way that you think about flying can increase anxiety levels. Make sure to use calming words when talking about your anxiety of flying.
  • Focus on relaxation techniques. Take deep breaths to help you keep calm whole on the plane by lowering your heart rate.
  • Distract yourself. Being different items that can help keep your mind off flying, such as games, magazines, or books. There are even some airports that offer therapy dogs to help keep passengers calm before boarding a plane.
  • Seek out support. There are many support groups available that can help you deal with your fear.
  • Use technology. There are a number of phone apps that can help provide peace of mind by coaching. They give advice on relaxation exercises and reassuring facts about flying.

Access First Insurance would like to encourage you to follow these tips to help ease your fear of flying.