Tasty Turkey Stuffing Without The Risk

Stuffing your turkey can increase the risk of salmonella growth because it takes a while to get the temperature up inside the bird. If you cook that turkey long enough to thoroughly heat the stuffing safely, the meat can become tough and dry. Access First Insurance wants your Thanksgiving to be a wonderful memory of family and friends enjoying the traditional meal, so here are some ways you can make your turkey stuffing tasty without the risk of food poisoning:

  • If your family insists on the stuffing "inside", take it out of the turkey as soon as possible, scoop it into a bowl, and microwave it until it reaches 165ºF.
  • Mix up the stuffing the day before in wet/dry containers and combine the raw egg, stock, etc. of your traditional recipe with the dry bread cubes just before baking.
  • Many folks enjoy the crispy caramelized tidbits one gets when the stuffing is baked separately from the turkey. Add some of the flavorful drippings by stirring them into the dish when you start the gravy and put it back in the oven to brown.
  • If your family really loves the crunchiness of good oven-browned stuffing, make "stuffins" by putting stuffing balls into a muffin pan. Remember to use flavorful stock to moisten them.

Our Access First family wishes your family a very safe and happy Thanksgiving! When you need us, we will be here for you in our Eagle, Idaho office. Contact us with your insurance questions and we will have the answer.