Technology Company Insurance

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Your customers come to you for the quality products and service you offer. Technology is complex, but your business has the know-how to put you ahead of the game. That is why it’s important to have the right insurance policy to protect you and your business.

Insurance “Need to Know’s”

The technology business has unique needs. You have your property, your employees, and yourself to protect. Here are some common coverages that may apply to your technology business.

General Liability


Commercial General Liability Insurance is coverage for claims of liability you may incur to others. This can include bodily injury or property damage, personal and advertising injury, and the costs of legal defense of such claims. There are extensions and optional coverages available to add on to the Commercial General Liability Policy to tailor it to a specific business’s needs.

Professional Liability


Also known as Errors and Omissions (E & O), Professional Liability coverage typically protects against liability claims for losses other than bodily injury or property damage. These are usually monetary claims for damages resulting from the improper rendering or failure to render professional services. While common to doctors, lawyers, architects and engineers, any person or entity offering professional services is at risk of loss from such claims, which in most cases are not covered by a Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy.

Commercial Property


Commercial Property Coverage protects both real and personal property from any covered losses. This can include property of others not owned by the business, but in the care of the business. In general, this coverage is for losses that occur on the insured’s premises. There are extensions and optional coverages that can be added to Commercial Property Coverage for individual needs. It is important to let us know about your business personal property and your operations so that we can recommend the best coverage for your business.

Worker’s Compensation


Should an employee be injured on a job, while in the course of employment, Worker’s Compensation Insurance helps cover the costs of medical procedures, lost wages, death benefits, and other expenses. It also protects employers, as it is usually an injured employee’s “sole remedy” for losses from an on the job injury.

At Access First Insurance, we understand the unique needs of protecting your technology company. We can discuss the details of your technology business to tailor an insurance policy specific to you.

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