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I have lived in many parts of the country and world, during which time, I have had and dealt with many insurance companies. There is no doubt in my mind that if I was back in Idaho and lived in the Eagle area that I would choose Access First Insurance and Cameo Pulver would be our agent. Anybody who spends a few moments with Cameo or takes the time to read one of her messages would be impressed with her friendliness, knowledge and professionalism.

The terms “Professionalism” and “Customer Service” are thrown around by many companies/corporations who have no concept of what it actually means and in reality, it is a lost skill and art form in which few people have had any guidance or training. It is so bad that when you actually encounter good service from a professional, you’re taken by surprise because it is so rare for a person to possess those skills.

Cameo Pulver would be the trainer’s trainer for professionalism and customer service and I am confident that you would be as impressed with her as I have been!

~ George Fix


I very rarely advertise for other people or companies unless I know for a fact that they can do well for others. In this case Access First Insurance in Eagle has far exceeded my expectations. When I was looking for insurance for my new company I gathered many quotes and Cameo Pulver at AFI provided the most competitive rates not only for my business but she also saved us over $1000 per year on our home and auto insurance as well for the same or slightly better policies. On top of that, Cameo has been very responsive when I needed her expertise with insurance requirements in multiple states and now with a personal property claim for my stolen rifle.

I highly recommend all my friends contact Cameo just to see if she can get you more competitive rates. It takes very little time and you may save a few bucks each year on your insurance. It’s nice to have an agent looking out for your best interest for once.

~ Greg Baer