The Latest Update to the Healthcare Reform Act

The latest update about the changes that are coming to health insurance as a result of the healthcare reform act have left consumers in a state of confusion. State exchanges that offer health insurance to the uninsured opened on October 1, 2013, but are not completely restricted to those who are without coverage. However, those who already have health insurance through their employers don’t have to concern themselves with the exchanges if they don’t want to. The healthcare exchanges are designed for those who don’t get health care through their employer, are self-employed or have employer coverage that comes at too high of a cost.

Healthcare reform does have a requirement that everyone have health insurance or else pay a penalty. This penalty is to be paid when tax returns are completed, and is going to cost the consumer the same amount as an entire year of coverage under the bronze level health insurance plan. It’s designed to discourage individuals from not getting a health care policy whatsoever. For those who feel they cannot afford the cost of a premium, there are insurance subsidies that take effect immediately and lower the amount that a policy holder has to pay every month.

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