What’s the value of an Independent Agent?

Everyone needs insurance, but not everyone thinks of working with their own independent insurance agent. Instead, people look up information on insurance companies they know through television commercials, or insurance companies that are recommended by friends and family. However, choosing an insurance company in this manner is limiting. Your friend’s policy may be just the right thing for them, but there may be things missing that you consider vital. And just because your parents have been with the same insurer for 30 years doesn’t mean that they will be able to offer the best deal.

Even those who advertise that they allow you to get a quote for competing agencies will still limit you to just a handful of options, and will try and get you to choose their company, because of their specific bias.

By working with an independent insurance agent, such as those who work for Access First Insurance in Eagle, Idaho, you can get a quote from not only the larger well known insurance companies, but also more obscure companies that you may not have thought to look into on your own. As an independent agency, we don’t “owe” anything to any specific company, so our motivation and priorities are completely centered around getting you the best possible coverage at a great value. To learn more about your insurance options in the Eagle, Idaho area, contact Access First Insurance today.